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Installation of our WT100 wind turbine for industrial and commercial purposes is used to produce enough energy to cover the energy costs of that entity. Any excess energy that is produced will be placed on the electrical grid, which is then transmitted through wires to homes and other businesses to use as energy.  

A wind turbine is more capital-intensive up front compared to fossil fuel technologies like a natural gas power plant, where around 40-70% of costs are related to fuel, operations, and maintenance. 

The WT100 wind turbine located at our Minnesota manufacturing facility currently offsets 100% of the 3-Phase Power used by our company.

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Consumption VS. Production:

By comparing current energy consumption to potential energy production you can calculate the amount of energy that you can expect to produce with a WT100 wind turbine. You can calculate this measure using annual energy output to calculate the wind turbine's performance. Energy output is calculated in kilowatt-hours (kWh). An estimate of the annual energy output from your wind turbine, kWh/year, is the best way to determine whether a particular wind turbine and tower will produce enough electricity to meet your needs.


A Renewtech representative can help you estimate the energy production you can expect. We will use a calculation based on the WT100 wind turbine power curve, the average annual wind speed at your site, the height of the tower that you plan to use, and the frequency distribution of the wind–an estimate of the number of hours that the wind will blow at each speed during an average year.  


Environmental Benefits: Renewable Energy Certificates  (RECs)


When you purchase Renewable Energy Certificates, you are taking ownership of the environmental benefits associated with the electrons that the wind turbines place onto the electric grid.  These RECs, can be “bundled” with your electricity usage through a power contract or they can be purchased separately from your electric bill to balance (offset) your energy consumption.   


Internal rate of returns (IRR), not payback period, is the best way to assess the profitability of our customers wind turbine systems as investments. Wind energy systems lock in cost of energy for over the 20 year life of the turbine which can reduce cost/kWh to just pennies.


Contact us today for a full report on the IRR of a WT100 wind turbine installed on your site location and the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint.



Renewtech offers Operations and Maintenance contracts for all WT100 installations once the wind turbine is commissioned and online.  Our Wind Technicians focus on ensuring your wind turbine system operates properly within equipment manufacturer’s specifications for years to come. Our aim is to protect the owner’s investment with regularly scheduled maintenance or on-call emergency services when needed. Renewtech also offers certification programs should you want the flexibility to do your own maintenance.