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Industrial & Business

Offset electrical consumption and push over-produced power back onto the grid with Net Metering Power Agreements.  Read More


Wind Farms

Develop a fleet of 99 kW wind turbines for profitability in energy sales, tax credits, and depreciation.  Read More




Recover energy consumption costs in the long run and receive supplemental income with a wind turbine from Renewtech. Read More

Our Mission

Renewtech, LLC is committed to providing 99 kW Wind Turbines with proven designs, components, and longevity through our technical excellences in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Composite Manufacturing; teamed with world renowned vendors and equipment suppliers; while maintaining and improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness through our manufacturing and assembly operations.


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Our Focus

Renewtech LLC brings industrial strength design and proven reliability to the 99 kW wind turbine market, offering a full-service business model which includes:

  • Site Analysis
  • Geotech Surveys
  • Permitting
  • Installation and Interconnection
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty
  • Operations & Maintenance

Member of the
American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)


Member of the
Tri-State Manufacturing Associateion