"Harnessing the power of nature"

Wind Farms





Wind farms are created when multiple wind turbines are placed in the same location for the purpose of generating large amounts of electric power. Due to rising energy prices and the resultant search for alternatives, there are now thousands of wind farms in many countries around the world. Renewtech is currently concentrating its marketing efforts in the US Markets, where wind speeds are optimum for their WT100, 99kW machine. Utility-scale wind farms must have access to transmission lines to transport energy. Renewtech works directly with the wind farm developer for the engineering of additional equipment or control systems that may be required to meet the technical standards set by the operator of a transmission line. The company or developer of the wind farm can then sell the power on the grid through the transmission lines, and ultimately choose whether to hold on to the rights or sell the farm or parts of it, to big business.



Renewtech offers Operations and Maintenance contracts for all WT100 installations once the wind turbine is commissioned and online. Our Wind Technicians focus on ensuring your wind turbine system operates properly within equipment manufacturer’s specifications for years to come. Our aim is to protect the owner’s investment with regularly scheduled maintenance or on-call emergency services when needed. Renewtech also offers certification programs should you want the flexibility to do your own maintenance.

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Rationale for Renewables:

Climate change, pollution, and energy insecurity are significant problems and addressing them requires major changes to energy infrastructures. Renewable wind energy technologies are essential contributors to the energy supply portfolio, as they contribute to world energy security, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and provide opportunities for mitigating greenhouse gases. Climate-disrupting fossil fuels are being replaced by clean, climate-stabilizing, non-depletable sources of energy, such as wind energy.


In the old economy, energy was produced by burning something — oil, coal, or natural gas — leading to the carbon emissions that have come to define our economy. The new energy economy harnesses the energy in wind, the energy coming from the sun, and heat from within the earth itself. Renewtech LLC prides itself on being the leader for mid-size wind turbines within the United States, with proven experiences that renewable wind energy pays off economically in the long run.