"Harnessing the power of nature"


The wind turbine specifications are a reflection of the 99 kW motor and the assembly of high quality parts to provide you with renewable energy to reduce energy costs or as a source of income through energy sales.


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This manual provides information regarding the safe operation, maintenance, and trouble-shooting of the Renewtech WT100 wind turbine.  Any personnel tasked with operating or maintaining this wind turbine should be familiar with this complete documentation package and should have it readily available for reference. 


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This manual provides information for the safe and proper installation of the Renewtech WT100 wind turbine, controller, and approved tower assembly.


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This manual provides all the service and maintenance information required to maintain the Renewtech WT100 wind turbine warranty.


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Renewtech Wind Turbines are covered for manufacturing defects and workmanship from the moment they ship. This premium coverage is standard for all of our turbines. Travel time to your site is covered if there is a problem. Crane and other required equipment is covered with prior approval.

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty – Covers all manufacturing defects and workmanship for turbines, diversion load and components by third party including inverters after the first year.


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty – For controller and lightning protection system after the first year. 



  • Renewtech offers additional premium coverage as an option for all of our turbines.  This optional warranty provides for an Extended Customer Care Program.  This option can be added to the total system cost and will extend our Standard Limited Warranty for an additional 5 years, thus extending coverage for a total of 6 years. This is our performance package and maximizes turbine up time and includes a total of (3) recommended maintenance visits per year