"Harnessing the power of nature"

Product & Manufacturing


Renewtech LLC has its assembly facility in Elbow Lake, MN and operates as a mid-size wind turbine manufacturer offering turn-key installations and commissioning of their 99kW turbine; as well as managing the Operations and Maintenance.





Renewtech has a personnel staff specializing in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering. The WT100 turbine uses proven mechanical and electrical designs that are well suited for a wide variety of mid-size wind turbine applications. Renewtech’s technology is based on 30 years of reliable wind turbine components and configurations, including the development of motor blade over speed protection systems, and the latest mechanical design, new SCADA and data acquisition systems and controller developments.



Renewtech outsources all of its equipment, fabricated parts, machined parts, and components for the assembly from top vendors throughout the United States. We utilize industrial strength equipment in our design and exceed industry standards for mid-size wind turbines.



Renewtech teamed up with Beckhoff Automation for the design and engineering of their Automation Programmable Controller system (PC).  The PC receives information from a variety of monitoring devices to determine the operating mode of the turbine.  The data collection system is capable of sub-second monitoring of the wind turbine parameters and operations, which are stored locally and remotely.  This allows for increased operational time and maintain maximum production. 

Of course, remote monitoring is included on the WT100. Monitoring can be from PC, tablet, or smartphone.


Selecting an appropriate tower size can make a significant difference in energy production. In general, towers should be installed at such a height that the turbines blade's tips (in their lowest position) are 30 feet above all objects (buildings, trees, silos, hills, etc.) within a 500-foot radius. This will minimize turbulence encountered by the turbine, aiding the wind generator to run more smoothly, minimizing the stress on its components, and increasing the generator's life. Another very important consideration regarding tower height: the higher the tower, the faster the wind speed! A taller tower is the best way to increase your wind generator's performance at a given site.

Renewtech offers several heights of towers to optimize the production output based upon the location and site analysis. 

  • Monotube tower: 80'
  • Monotube tower: 115'

WEC (wind energy conversion systems) converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy





The WT100 wind turbine has optimum performance at wind speeds between 18-20 MPH.





The Beckhoff RT0 controller allows for remote
monitoring and operations of each wind turbine.